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Sure, Bwana. You know it ALL.


At first glance, a ski-ramp really has a huge number of advantages. It is inexpensive and doesn't need steam-generating plant, maintenance and repairs. Finally, it saves effective capacities and weight, which affects a carrier's displacement and cost.

However, all those advantages of ski-ramp are pale in comparison with its drawbacks. First and foremost advantage of catapult is its low threshold of sensitivity to takeoff conditions. Roughly speaking, a catapult-equipped aircraft carrier can continue takeoff operations in such ship's motion/wind/sea disturbance conditions when ramp-equipped carrier can not.

The second essential advantage of catapult is higher takeoff rate. Let us assume that maximum amount of planes must be in the air as soon as possible. With its four catapults, a US carrier is capable to shoot one aircraft in every 15 seconds. Kuznetsov has only three takeoff tracks. Moreover, two bow tracks are not intended for fully-loaded aircrafts! They can take off Kuznetsov only from one track which starts far behind the midship, i.e. an aircraft must run almost the whole flight deck! Comparing to catapult, takeoff rate of ski-ramp is at least twice lower.

It must be kept in mind that ski-ramp takeoff implies high requirements to thrust/weight ratio. Engines start working at full-thrust (afterburner) mode before an aircraft runs out; this leads to premature end of service life and increased fuel consumption. Besides, lower takeoff rate makes aircrafts wait longer in assembly point, which also means waste of fuel, reduction of operational radius etc.

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