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> Oh ta neznosna lahkotnost pisarjenja! Sicer avtor mogoče sploh ne ve, kaj je osnova za ta rolerkouster s procenti, čeprav je bolj verjetno, da ve, da je osnova leto 1990,

Ni res, osnova je leto 2021, sem napisal pred nekaj dnevi:
Res je, my bad, ker ne preberem vseh člankov. Pa vseeno bi lahko ta podatek po enem tednu ponovili, saj je okrog tega mešetarjenja s procenti kar nekaj zmede. Nekaj svežih primerov:
Environment ministers from the 28 member states agreed that the total number of cars sold by each manufacturer in Europe must emit 35 per cent less CO2 than 2020 levels. They also included a target of a 15 per cent CO2 cut by 2025 and an opt-out for smaller manufacturers.
In the draft law voted on today, MEPs proposed setting a higher target for reducing EU fleet-wide emissions for new cars by 2030 of 40% (compared to the EU Commission’s 30%; year of reference 2021) with an intermediate target of 20% by 2025. Similar targets are set for new vans.
Fifteen countries and the EU climate commissioner, Miguel Arias Canete, had called on the bloc to bring its emissions reductions goal in line with the 2015 Paris climate accord, but that proposal was rejected by Eastern European countries. Under the Paris deal, the EU agreed to reduce greenhouse gases by at least 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2030.
Germany, with its big auto sector, had backed an EU executive proposal for a 30 percent cut for fleets of new cars and vans by 2030, compared with 2021 levels.
Curbs on the transport sector, the only industry in which emissions are still rising, aim to help the bloc meet its goal of reducing greenhouse gases by at least 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2030.
But a call by the EU’s climate commissioner and 15 EU nations for the bloc to increase its pledge to cut emissions by 45 percent under the Paris accord has met with resistance.
The final deal, made just before midnight, includes: a 15% reduction target for cars and vans in 2025 and a 30% van target for 2030, all in line with the Commission original proposal. In addition, countries where the share of EVs is considerably below the EU average, namely Central, Eastern Europe, the sale of low- and zero-emission vehicles count double towards meeting the CO2 reduction target. A controversial derogation of niche manufacturers making up to 300 thousand cars was extended, notably benefiting Jaguar Land Rover.
Podatek, ki sem ga citiral po Handelsblattu, očitno ni potegnjen iz zadnjice, meni, polintelektu z volovsko pravico, pa ni jasno, koliko je -40% na podlago 1990 v primerjavi z -35% na podlago 2021 itn.

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