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[Odklop] Tema: Treniranje smejalnih mišic :)
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> [Endimion]
> An armless, legless girl is laying on the beach crying, a man walks along, he goes 'what are you crying about?'
> She says, 'I'm crying because in my whole life I've never been kissed.' So he kneels down and kisses her, then gets up and starts walking away.
> Then she's crying twice as hard and he comes back, he goes 'what are you crying about now?' She goes, 'I'm crying, because in my whole life I've never been fucked.'
> So he picks her up, tosses her into the ocean and goes 'YOU'RE FUCKED NOW!'


Ljubim črni humor, jebi ga.
No, potem pa eden zate , ki si bolj na hrvaške note usekana ;)

Tata, što to znači "u principu" ?
Sine, to znači "U na-čelu"

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