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Izbrana tema: članek Iran v soboto zvečer sprožil napad na Izrael

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[Glavni forum] Tema: Iran sprožil napad na Izrael
[#3039615] 14.04.24 06:41
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185/185 or (100%) of OWA-UAV's intercepted.
103/110 or (93.6%) of Surface to Surface Missiles intercepted.
36/36 or (100%) of Cruise Missiles intercepted.

Currently, 7 Missile impacts have been recorded in Israel.

US forces intercepted
70+ OWA-UAV's
3~ Ballistic missiles

US warships in the Eastern Med (1-2 Arleigh Burke Class Destroyers)
and US fighter jets were involved in intercepting drones/missiles launched by Iran, officials tell @OrenCNN

Earlier news reports suggested 100 drones intercepted by US and UK aircraft so potentially 30~ drones intercepted by the UK.

There will be no military strikes on Iran. The US defence came with the condition that the response requires the US approval.

Iran gave Israel and the US a week to prepare and launched from 8 hrs away instead of from Lebanon. This was a warning to Israel, not a real attack.

Israel’s govt just got exactly what it wanted out of Iran:

- a non-threatening military response
- a chance to rally Western sympathies
- a lifeline for US politicians punished by domestic anger at Gaza
- a renewed sense of fear inside Israel that helps Netanyahu play the hero