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Trump pravi "premog = varnost"!
(Boste kdaj napisali tudi kaj takega):

The memo justifies this action by noting that some types of power generation, such as natural gas, rely on fuel sources that aren’t stored on-site,
making them vulnerable to attacks or disasters. The memo sites the need for the American electricity grid to be “resilient and secure”
by relying more on generators like coal plants that can maintain large fuel stockpiles nearby.

Najprej opravičilo za pozen odgovor. Tekst, ki ste ga polinkali in deloma citirali, dejansko nasprotuje premogovnim elektrarnam. Med drugim tudi pravi:

- creating an electricity grid that depends on outdated and harmful fuel sources could do more long-term harm than good, especially as the world seeks to replace fossil fuels with cleaner, renewable energy sources.

- In many parts of the country, it’s now cheaper to tear down a coal plant and build a new natural gas or renewable plant in its place than to continue burning coal.

Argument, ki ste ga navedli, pa se sklicuje na narnost v primeru orkanov ipd. in tudi na obrambno varnost: ...‘Strategic Electric Generation Reserve’ that will ensure the country’s electricity supply in the event of a terrorist attack...