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A judge ruled in favor of parents who wanted their 30-year-old so, Michael Rotondo, to move out. Rotondo tells CNN's Brooke Baldwin he would like to leave but doesn't have the means.
Evicted Adult Son Michael Rotondo Moves into Airbnb with Cash from Alex Jones
Now all he needs is a job.
Kot je tam čez v navadi, imajo selebritiz vseh pasem svojo inherentno promo-nmarketinško vrednost, ki samo čaka, da jo nekdo razume in izkoristi. :-)
Villa Italian Kitchen is offering Rotondo a job.
Not only that, but $1,101, too. One dollar more than his parents offered him.
The chief operating officer of the quick-serve pizza brand that operates at nearly 250 locations nationwide, Andrew Steinberg, said the company "feels for millennials" and understands life isn't easy.