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Revolut insiders reveal the human cost of a fintech unicorn's wild rise
Applicants asked to work for free, rudeness, and high staff turnover tarnish the fintech startup's success story
The instructions on the exercise said the applicants should recruit at least 200 clients in a week to have a chance at passing to the next interview phase. The task’s description didn’t guarantee that reaching the target would automatically qualify applicants for a job, but did advise them on a number of ways they could get clients, such as sharing a “promo code” with their friends, sharing it on social media, and posting promotional flyers on university campuses.
After Laura wrote back refusing to do the task and saying she was disappointed that the company would “take advantage of someone that is looking for a job”, Biceika emailed her saying she was the only candidate out of over 350 that had complained about the task. “Apologies you're not up to show what you're capable of,” he wrote in the email.
Following revelations about the exercise on Spanish website, Chad West, Revolut’s head of communications, said the company had shut down the practice “immediately” after being made aware of it.
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