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[Glavni forum] Tema: Siemens bo po vsem svetu odpustil 2.700 ljudi
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Če pa že berete in prepisujete iz Japan Times, bi bilo boljše pobrati nekaj takega, kar je bolj japonsko in vsaj malo tangira tudi Slovenijo, ker imamo tu neko fabriko avtomobilov.

Gre pa za pogajanja, ustvarjanje in sproščanje napetosti med Nissanom in Renaultom. Najnovejša epizoda je pregovarjanje o tem, kdo iz Renaultove veje familije bi lahko sedel v katerih upravnih foteljih Nissana.
Nissan will give Renault Chairman Jean-Dominique Senard and CEO Thierry Bollore seats on committees to be established as part of measures to bolster governance after the arrest of former Chairman Carlos Ghosn for alleged financial misconduct, the sources said.
Nissan initially proposed giving only Senard a seat because it wanted the majority of the committees to be comprised of outside directors. Senard has been a Nissan board member since April, while Bollore has been nominated as a new director subject to approval at the shareholders meeting.
But Renault — Nissan’s largest shareholder with a 43 percent stake — threatened to abstain from voting on the proposal unless it was given more representation, the sources said.
Le Maire on Tuesday reiterated that building up the alliance was the state’s priority.
“Once the alliance has been reinforced and its solidity is beyond doubt then and only then can we think about consolidation,” he said, referring to the proposed tie-up with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.
Sicer pa je menda brexitanski FT, ki je v japonski lasti, danes poročal, da se nekatere vezi med obema partnerjema trgajo, da so skupne službe pasivizirane ali v fazi razkroja.
Several of Renault and Nissan’s joint business functions are being quietly unwound, as the carmakers’ alliance crumbles in the absence of Carlos Ghosn, according to multiple current and former employees.
Some departments overseeing joint functions within the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance are being axed, while others have received no new work in months. “People have nothing to do,” said one insider.