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Kdo je Mikko Paunio epidemiolog.

Dr Paunio is a former government scientist at the European Commission and the World Bank. He works at the health ministry in Finland and is an adjunct professor at the University of Helsinki. He is best known as one of the first scientists to speak out against Andrew Wakefield’s claims, also published in The Lancet, about the MMR vaccine and autism.

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The Lancet Accused Of Sacrificing The Poor On Pollution

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The Lancet Commissions on Pollution and Health have claimed that the third world is suffering appalling health effects from industrial pollution. But as Professor Paunio explains, this is far from the truth:

“Most of the deaths that they say are caused by industrial air pollution are actually caused by domestic heating and cooking with renewable energy such as wood and dung, and most of the deaths from diarrhea that they say are caused by polluted water are actually caused by poor hygiene because the poor do not have enough water for washing.”

Professor Paunio also says that the Lancet Commissions’ proposal for a ban on new fossil-fueled power stations will be devastating for human health:

Ob tem se spomnite, da je od prvih opozoril, da je azbest zdravju škodljiv pa do prepovedi njegove uporabe ninilo 100 let. Tako dolgo! Da po zaslugi takih ljudi kot je Mikko Paunio!

About The Lancet Commission on Pollution + Health


Environmental pollution is the single largest cause of disease and death in low- and middle-income countries. Data from the World Health Organization and others suggests that in 2012 exposures to polluted soil, water and air contributed to an estimated 8.9 million deaths worldwide. By comparison, deaths from HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis caused a combined 2.5 million deaths.

Ne spominjam se, da bi pred svojim tridesetim letom videl kako plastenko. Kako neki smo to "pomankanje" plastike preživeli? Ta bi jih pa za dodatek še zežigal.